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Land swap for gas station has new life
Pat Healey

FALL RIVER: New life has been breathed into a possible land swap involving moving a proposed gas station on Lake Thomas elsewhere.
When asked during a monthly sit-down interview with The Laker about an update on the gas station—which would be constructed on the old Whebby property owned by Hampton Holdings Limited—Councillor Barry Dalrymple chose his words carefully.
A couple months back Dalrymple said in an article on this proposed project the pulse of any possible land swap was dead. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.
“I had previously said we were out of options, and the clock was ticking towards a Spring build,” he said. “We now have options again, and they are what I consider viable and possible options.
“We have been going at this full tilt over the last number of weeks with our HRM department folks, with some private folks, to the point that again I am hopef...

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