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Area rate increase proposed for Grand Lake-Oakfield
Pat Healey

GRAND LAKE: Increasing the area rate for the Grand Lake-Oakfield Community Society’s catchment area to improve the community centre has moved one step closer to reality.
While on paper it appears it would be an actual increase, as volunteer board members explained during a public meeting on Oct. 19, it actually won’t be an increase over what residents were paying in the past.
The 6.2 per cent per $100 of assessment will be similar to what residents paid for eight years on the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre in Fall River. That area rate came to an end when the bill was paid off in 2013.
“It won’t feel like an increase,” explained Rebecca Moore to the 20 or so residents in attendance, including Councillor Barry Dalrymple and Liberal MLA Bill Horne. “In 2013 and for the eight years before it’s exactly what people were paying for Fall River’s Snow Centre.
“It is an increase...

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