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Wheels for Terry fundraiser held
Pat Healey
(Healey photo)

BEAVER BANK: On a bright, sunny day in June 2012, Terry Butler’s life—and that of his family—changed forever.
The Beaver Bank man was involved in a two-vehicle collision between the Chev Cobalt he was driving and a transport truck near the turn to Lost Creek subdivision along Beaver Bank Road. That left him fighting for his life and in a coma for the next 365 days as his family stayed by his side every single day in hospital.
Fast forward two years, and the fight to have their lives return to somewhat normalcy is only getting stronger for Terry and his family.
Family friend Reg Gilby knew Terry and his family could use some community support and went about arranging a Wheels for Terry rock-a-thon, held Sept. 6 at the Beaver Bank-Kinsac Community Centre (BBKCC) in Beaver Bank.
When he did come out of the coma a year after the accident, amazingly, while he may have had his l...

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