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Stop, Drop, and Read at WMES raises big bucks
Pat Healey
Madeline Milan and Hayle Pierce read. (Healey photo)

WAVERLEY: Teachers at Waverley Memorial Elementary School (WMES) might be regretting the bet they made with their students.
The teachers made a deal with the students that if they raised more than $5,000 during their ‘Stop, Drop, and Read’ Read-A-Thon fundraiser in the month of October—the deadline was Oct. 29—the teachers were going to have to get up and do a performance of some sorts in the school’s gymnasium. The students have raised upwards of $4,700 as of Oct. 23.
The money being raised by the students was going to be sued to purchase technology equipment for the school as well as pay for performances, such as possible musical or bringing in outside cultural performers.
The Laker was on hand as the students in the school—most in their pj’s for pajama day at the school on Oct. 23—were given the go ahead to read for 15-20 minutes as Principal Lori MacKay-Carroll rang the m...

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