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Pat Healey

MILLER LAKE WEST: An application for a permit to operate an asphalt plant above Miller Lake by the company fighting to build a quarry in the same area has blindsided the local councillor.
Scotian Materials—the new name for the company once known as Northern Construction in Nova Scotia—has applied to the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) for the permit, confirmed HRM Development Officer Trevor Creaser on Aug. 18. They’ve done so despite the fact they are still battling with residents through the court process to get a decision by the UARB that said HRM was correct in rejecting the quarry application as the area in question is not zoned for that.
During an interview with The Laker on Aug. 15, Barry Dalrymple was questioned on the latest move. He was unaware of the application until asked about it in the interview, although he did say he had an e-mail from MacPherson but that wa...

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