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Waverley mom and daughter pen fundraising cookbook
Pat Healey
(Healey photo)

WAVERLEY: A young Waverley girl and her mom hope to be cooking their way to the Amazon Rainforest next summer, with support from their home community.
Savannah (Savy) Christmas and her mom Miranda, better known as Chef Miranda from the Sobeys in Fall River, are selling cookbooks to raise money towards the volunteer excursion to the Amazon Conservation Centre in the Peruvian Rainforest. They will be going there with the group called Personal Overseas Development (POD) from June 25 to July 31. Each cookbook costs $15.
“When we’re in Peru, all of the money we’re paying to go in and volunteer is going to be going the project we’re working on,” said Miranda. “The thing we liked about this charity is if they don’t need all of the money it will go to one of their other projects that they’re doing. POD has many other projects throughout the world.”
She said the project they’re doing ...

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